Best Laptops For Sketchup

Best Laptops For Sketchup

In the world of ever-increasing technology. On a daily basis, there is a great demand for laptops. Laptops are used by almost everyone. In the olden day’s laptops would be a luxury but not anymore. Even a student in school, college or university is allowed to use a laptop. It can be used to take down notes through typing when connected to the internet one is able to watch videos and tutorials thereby enhancing knowledge.

With laptops, things are made easy and work becomes quicker and easier to do making it even more enjoyable. Did you know that laptops can be used for deep learning, machine learning and even sketch up? Yes, you heard me right.

Sketch up is very unique yet revitalizing. It has the ability to sweep you off your feet with just one move. Therefore it is very important that you choose the best laptop there is for your sketch up experience least you end up not enjoying it. That is why my aim today is to acquaint you with all the necessary information you may need in getting a laptop that is suitable for your sketch up.
I will review eight (8) of the best products you can find on the market and at the end of the report, you will be able to pick what you consider best suitable for you in line with your needs. These products have been tried and they are good in every sense I must say.

Actually, there may be some disadvantages to all the products but trust me they do not outweigh the advantages. Now ride along and let us do this right here, right now.

But wait, do you know what sketch up is? It is a 3D modeling computer program that has a variety of drawing applications like interior design, landscape architecture and film video game design to mention but a few. It was developed by Trimble and is available in a variety of languages. And it has been developed to make 3D structures without causing you to strain yourself.

The various products to choose from are as follows:

  1. Dell G7 15
  2. Lenovo Legion Y7000
  3. HP Omen 15
  4. Dell XPS 15 9570
  5. Acer Predator Helios 300
  6. Microsoft Surface Book 2 15 Inch
  7. Alienware Area 15 R5
  8. HP Envy X 360

Top 8 Best Laptops For Sketchup Reviewed

1. Dell G7 15

Dell G7 15Best Laptops For Sketchup 2024First on my list is DELL G7 15, not that it is the best of the best. I have arranged everything in no particular order as for the best you will get to choose for yourself. It is available in a variety of colors meaning any color you want is made available at your doorstep. It is slim and stylish and has been constructed especially for your convenience.

Moreover, it has a hard drive storage that ensures faster performance and reliability as you go about doing your activities. To add on it has very strong gaming performance and it has a slick attractive design. Its amount of gaming and processing power is impressive.

It goes on to have a good build quality and not only that it is not pricy, but you can also afford to purchase one without even breaking your leg.


Design15.32×10.82×0.98 inches, the display is dell G7 15 non-touch 1920×1080 with viewing angles. The keyboard is chiclet-style, ports are USB 3.1, windows 10, LED-backlit display, it also has a full HD.


Intel’s six-core i7-8750H processor ,16GB of DDRM 4 RAM,128GB solid-state boot drive with traditional 1TB hard drive for data,12 processing threads, NVidia GeForce GTX 1060, max design ,15.6-inch anti-glare full HD.

  • It is very affordable
  • It has a relatively slim design
  • It has a unique blazing-fast six-core i7 CPU
  • It has solid GTX 1060 max Q gaming performance that has frame rates north of 60
  • It has a dim display
  • It runs hot when playing games that are graphically hot or when dealing with content that has a lot of graphics in them

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2. Lenovo Legion Y7000

Lenovo Legion Y7000Setting your eye on this product will blow your heart away. It is one of a kind, I am not just saying in order to entice you to buy it what I am saying is what it is in reality. It is outstanding and remains undefeated when compared with other types on the market. It is glamourous and comes in an ABS iron-grey aluminum plastic chassis with a white shiny legion logo that has thin bezels.
Not only that dear reader, but its keyboard also has a separate digit/number pad with a white backlit technology just for you to have an awesome experience. This is certainly what your sketch up needs.

Moreover, its keys are punchy soft and extremely comfortable giving you a worthwhile experience. Its battery life can run for like 4 hours 28 minutes when undertaking full web browsing in full brightness. And connectivity is very possible as it has three USB ports can you imagine.


Weighs about 5.3 pounds, Windows 10 operating system,15.6 inches of screen size with 1920×1080 resolution, duo 128GB SSD, 1TB HHDD, HDMI,1 USB C type.


8th generation Intel Core i7-8750H processor with a turbo boost ,16GB DDR4,1.0 TB 7200RPM SATA Hard drive + 256 solid-state drive ,6GB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 Graphics, Bluetooth and a Wi-Fi account ,15.5 Anti-glare IPS LED-backlit FHD 1920X1080 display.

  • It has a great battery life
  • It is not costly
  • Speakers do not have good quality, therefore, they sometimes miss the bass beats of music being played
  • Its GTX 10 is not necessarily future proof
  • It has noisy fans under load

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3. HP Omen 15

HP Omen 15Ever moved into a pace and the first thing you set your eyes on is the exact same thing your eyes have been yearning for. This is what you need for your sketch up, this is it. It has the necessary features that are required to run your sketch up and it is very fast as well. It is portable and can be easily moved from one point to the next.
And HP OMEN is actually similar to RAZOR BLADE.

Talking of being identified with one’s brand. It has a logo in red at the center of the laptop. It gives a very strong sense of identity that in turn gives you so much boldness even as you carry it around focusing on your work.
It has hyper-realistic graphics that make your experience real as it has real-time ray-tracing technologies. And with this type, you are able to play the latest games anywhere and at any time.

HP OMEN 15 has a bios recovery and protection platform that automatically checks the well-being or health of your laptop and it is also able to protect your laptop against unauthorized access and secures your laptop from any form of harm.

Talk of longevity, it has a battery life of up to 4 hours 30 minutes when one is doing a lot of things at once and it lasts up to 2 hours 45 minutes when one is wireless streaming.


Display 15.6, full HD 1920×1080,144Hz ,128, RAM 16GB DDR4, OS windows 10 home, battery 70Wh ,4-cell, dimensions 360x263x25.9mm, weight is 2.41kg, mainboard is Intel canon lake HM370.


CPU Intel Core i7-9750H, GPU NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660, audio jack, card reader.

  • It does look good
  • It is perfect for 1080 p gaming and very suitable for sketch up
  • It is VR ready with a GTX 1060 model
  • It is thin and a lightweight
  • It has a mini display port and USB – C Thunderbolt
  • It has an excellent IPS
  • It has a short battery life
  • It is not powerful enough to play games in 4K
  • It has a stylish max Q design that hardly brings any form of advantages
  • Its single hinge design makes the lid a bit flexible
  • Its shifted keyboard makes typing awkward and unenjoyable

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4. Dell XPS 15 9570

Dell XPS 15 9570This baby is one of the very best you can find on the market and it is one of the best laptops’ series from Dell. Not only that it is the most recent model that was released in the year 2018 and it is among the best laptops for sketch up. It has very few bezels and is very elegant to look at.
Not only that the processor offered b Dell is efficient and powerful and it is one of the lightest laptops on my list today. And it has a battery life that is very satisfactory as one can be able to get about six hours of use when doing non-gaming activities and sketch up activities and heavy tasks such as gaming one are able to get about 2 hours.

Its design is supreme and is strong build allowing you to flaunt it around however you want and it still looks good at any angle.


15.6inch Full HD display, it has 512GB SSD storage,16 GB DDR4 RAM, Intel Core i78750H, GTX 1050Ti graphics card, weight is 4.4 pounds.


Brand DELL, the hard drive is 1TB, solid-state hard drive, RAM 32 GB, processor is Intel core processor, the processor is 4.1 GHz, the battery is 97WHr, screen size is 15.6, windows 10 operating system and the product dimension is 9.3×14.1×0.7inches.

  • It has a beautiful performance thereby bringing about better graphics
  • It has an excellent quality of display
  • It has a wonderful battery life
  • It has a good display brightness
  • Its processor is perfect
  • It is affordable to many buyers
  • It has an awkward WEBCAM location
  • It sometimes becomes weirdly hot
  • Camera placement is awkward

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5. Acer Predator Helios 300

Acer Predator Helios 300Best Laptops For Sketchup 2024This right here is one of the best gaming laptops for sketch up. It without fits your budget and it is a powerful performer. It has been built for those people that love speed so if you are such a one this certainly for you yes for you. It has a combination of speedy 8th generation Intel i7 processor as well as an ultra-powerful dedicated graphics card.

And it can also play games like Call of Duty and WWII that requires instant and quick responses, well just this feature tells you a lot about how fast this laptop. It further has a flawless and catchy design it just gives you that aesthetic look.

It is one of the best but when it comes to performance it falls short and is not as good. For its performance, you will need to have a higher frame per second (fps) that can be used for running applications that may be demanding and you can simply just step down a little below the highest of settings for that particular purpose.

With ACER PREDATOR HELIOS 300 will give you an opportunity to experience a smooth show without any interruptions this is somehow because of its clear and crispy quality.


Discreet graphic processor, NVIDIA GeForce, GTX 1060,5.95lbs. mobile intel HM 370, hard drive capacity is 256 GB, diagonal, full HD, memory speed 2666 MHz


RAM 16GB, RAM type is DDR4, the processor is Intel Core i7, processor speed 4.1 GHz, screen size is 15.6 inches, product dimensions 10.5×15.3×1.1inches, weight is 5.51 pounds, the operating system is windows 10 home.

  • It has a decent battery life
  • It has lots of power
  • It has a pretty good design
  • It is quite affordable and you can afford it
  • It has a 144Hz refresh rate
  • It has a bad cooling system
  • Its fans are loud
  • It has high-end graphics and loses exposure

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6. Microsoft Surface Book 2 15 Inch

Microsoft Surface Book 2 15 InchBest Laptops For Sketchup 2024This product is very good for running high -grade professional apps and it does not show any sluggish performance. This is wonderfully designed and continues to deliver unmatched performance. It is lightweight by the way. I can assure you that it gives you the best performance you could ever imagine.

It has an area that is fit for surface and touch pen meaning that you the user can use the laptop as an ordinary traditional notebook and they can easily jot down their thoughts and ideas. It offers an incredible visual experience and an amazing long-lasting battery life thereby not impeding your enjoyment of activities. It is simultaneous and allows you to multi-task.

Additionally, Microsoft has been engineered to make sure that one encounters the best experience with office and other high-grade software applications. Its Microsoft is combined with a powerhouse that is innovative and has high performing accessories that give you an entire complete package.


Processor speed is 3.5 GHz, graphics Intel HD Graphics 620, battery 70 WHr, screen size 13.5 inches, product dimension 12.3×9.1×0.9 inches, weight is 3.38 lbs. the operating system is windows.


Brand is Microsoft, hard drive is 256GB, hard drive type is flash memory solid-state, RAM 8GB, RAM type is LPDDR3, the processor is Intel core i5, processor speed is 3.5GHz.

  • It has an SD card reader
  • It has 2 full-size USB-A ports
  • It has 17 hours battery backup ports
  • It has a wonderful fulcrum hinge
  • Its display and screen is perfect
  • It is a piece of luxury
  • At times the graphics card is not easy to recognize
  • Its whine is obtrusive and excessive
  • It has no Thunderbolt 3 support
  • Its GPU load is highly slow and heavy

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7. Alienware Area 15 R5

Alienware Area 15 R5Best Laptops For Sketchup 2024This laptop has a processor inside the system and it gives you enough assurance that the machines will never fail to deliver. It is able to deliver astonishing visuals marked by interesting and accurate colors. Not only that it has been created in such a way that it provides you with great sound.

It has a striking design and its levels of durability are outstanding though it is considered expensive for most users am certain you can afford it. And guess what? It is one of the best models from Alienware, therefore, you can surely go for it.

Meanwhile, it offers very high performance and it has so much masculine power.

This laptop is not only suitable for sketch up you can also use it to explore funny and exciting games in the comfort of your home.


Processor speed is 4.00 GHz, product dimension is 25.2×10.7×22.4 inches, operating system is windows 10 pro,7th Gen X series Intel 6-core i707800X


Hard drive 6TB, RAM type is DDR4, processor is Intel 6-core i7-7800X, graphics is NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti.

  • It has easy upgradability
  • It has a blistering overall performance
  • It has a striking LED-lit design
  • It is very quiet compared to Acer predator Helios 300
  • It has a tool-free maintenance
  • It takes up a lot of space
  • It is expensive
  • It is mostly not available on the market; it easily runs out
  • It sometimes runs hot
  • It sometimes slows down

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8. HP Envy X 360

HP Envy X 360This laptop is very well built and is sleek in design such that at first glance you are blown away. But it looks smart in black. It is a 15.6 diagonal screen just enough and it has a notepad that offers brilliant speed and excellent performance and a beautiful amount of storage space.

And has different variant models that make it outstanding. And its speed is very excellent for multitasking. Are you a multitasker? This right here is certainly for you. Not only that its notebook is able to make space for a 1TB SATA HDD that rotates 7200/minute. It is strong and durable.

Unfortunately, users find it easy to rotate its screen from the laptop mode to tablet mode but with experiments experts have discovered that it is 360 degrees extremely weak to be relied on. It has low brightness but it provides neat and clean pictures.

The keyboard is spacious but it produces loud-sounding when typing that is annoying and disturbing to some extent.

It has a number of salient features as those listed below.


Brand is HP, hard drive 1 TB HDD, solid-state hard drive, processor speed screen size is 15.6, weight is 4.73, operating system is windows 10,


RAM 16GB, graphics Intel i7-855OU RAM type is DDR4 ,1 USB 3.1.

Don’t worry its advantages outsmart its disadvantages, see below:

  • Its I/O options and keyboard are brilliant
  • Its value for money is outstanding
  • It has metal par build on flagship devices
  • Its performance is good
  • It has a great design
  • It is a little bit heavy
  • It is somehow a bit loud runner
  • It is available on land stores
  • Its usability issues persist
  • Its battery backup is comparatively low compared to other modes
  • The screen easily shudders and shakes at just simple tapings
  • On the effectiveness of the screen, the model is not reliable

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The Sketch Up System Is Quite Unique And Requires Very Specific Items To Function Accordingly. Therefore Knowing These Aspects Will Serve You A Lot Of Trouble.


  • CPU 2+GHz processor
  • RAM should at least be 8GB RAM
  • Graphics should at least be 1GB and higher graphics with an open GL 3.0 or higher
  • HDD 700 MB space
  • OS Windows 7/8.1/10(64-bit version)

Then its MAC OS demands at least the following

  • CPU 2.1 +GHz Intel processor
  • RAM of 8GB
  • and Graphics of 1GB and higher graphics with open GL 3.0 or even higher
  • HDD 12 GB of free space
  • OS-Mac OSX 10.11 and higher

So, you see you just do not buy anything you find on the market just for the sake of it, having looked at that below is a buyer’s guide outlining what you should look out for when looking for your sketch up laptop.

1. RAM
This should not be less than 8GB, it is a must for every ……..

Here we are. Honestly, I hate to say good byes, but at this point I am happy and excited because I have given you all the information you need on the best laptops for sketch up there is on the market.

Oop! You got this, have your pick, one that suits your budget and preferences.
Go ahead!