Best Laptop Bags for Business Travel

Best Laptop Bags for Business Travel

There is such a huge selection of different laptop computer bags that you are bound to be overwhelmed by the choices offered to you. In order to find one that is just right for you, you need to consider some important things.

How to Choose the Right Laptop Bags for Business Travel

First, you have to decide on the style. Laptop computer bags are available in numerous styles including backpacks, briefcases, and bags that can accommodate a number of accessories or bags that fit just your laptop. The style of your laptop bag is important, especially if you travel a lot. For instance, if you transit to work daily by train and are aware that you cannot hold on to a briefcase by hand for long, then it is wise to look for bags with shoulder strap. While deciding on the style you might also want to decide on the material of the bag. You might prefer the cheaper nylon models or might decide to get a more stylish leather laptop bag. Once you have decided on the style and material of your laptop bag it’s time to move on to the next thing that you should consider.

Take your laptop with you while shopping for laptop computer bags. While the point of this is quite obvious, most often people forget to take it with them and end up with a bag that doesn’t fit their laptop. Though laptop bags are available for specific models, without checking it firsthand you will not know whether the bag can fit your laptop and all your accessories comfortably.

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By taking your laptop along with you while shopping for a laptop bag you will be able to find the right laptop bag that can include an extra book or CDs in addition to your laptop and other accessories. Finding the right laptop bag is essential if you don’t want your bag to look too bulky or messy. Another thing to consider before buying a laptop computer bag is to check whether it includes padding to ensure that your laptop is protected properly. A laptop bag without padding can damage your laptop.

Finding the right laptop computer bag is not an easy task. It is not something that you can just go into a store and pick one randomly. It needs some research and you have to carefully consider a number of important aspects before you go out and make your choice. The above guidelines are simple but very helpful in finding a laptop bag that is just right for you.

Laptop Computer Bags – Questions to be asked Before Buying

There are so many different types of laptop computer bags available today that it is quite understandable if you need help in choosing one that is right for you. While there are numerous things that you should consider before purchasing one, here are some of the most important things that you should question about.

The first step is to decide on the type of bag that will suit your style. To find the right bag you might have to ask these questions.

  • Are you looking for a bag to hold things other than your laptop?
  • Are you looking for a bag that is specially designed for a laptop?
  • Would you like to use a backpack for your laptop?
  • Are you particular about current fashion and do you prefer designer bags?

When you go shopping for a laptop computer bag remember the following important tip. Make sure that you carry your computer along with you. While this might seem quite obvious, you will be surprised to know that many people just drop in a store and pick a laptop bag without any thought about if the bag will suit the size and weight of their laptop.

Most often bags that are designed for portable computers or laptops are made to fit a particular size. In other words, a bag that fits a 14-inch laptop will not be able to accommodate a 17-inch laptop.

There are still more things to consider. There are different types of bags like shoulder bags, briefcases, and backpacks and each type is different with regards to its weight, material, size, shape, and construction. If you remembered to take the laptop with you then you can try out different bags firsthand to find the right one that suits your laptop.

Here are some more questions that you might want to ask before making your decision.

  • Does the bag have sufficient space to fit accessories?
  • Does the bag have space for other things as well?

Other things to consider include checking for sufficient padding to protect the laptop from accidental bumps or drops. Selecting the right laptop computer bag is obviously not as easy as you might have thought. Just remember the above tips while shopping for a laptop bag and you will definitely find one that is perfect for you.

Best Laptop Bags for Business Travel Reviewed

1. Targus TXL617 XL Backpack Designed

Targus TXL617 XL Backpack DesignedBest Laptop Bags for Business Travel 2024Targus are known for making excellent quality and value for money laptop bags. But you have to sit up and take note when they keep outdoing themselves with every new launch. The Targus TXL617 does just that. With a capacity to house 17-inch laptops and compartments for everything you may ever want to carry with you, this bag is ideal for the casual and business traveler alike.


Available in blue and black color schemes, on the face of it, this bag may seem ordinary to most. But don’t be fooled by its quiet demeanor. The design remains subtle yet productive. The USP of the bag lies in its large capacity. Keeping this in mind, the design element has been kept linear and neat. The dual-tone of blue and black meshes well to give the Targus XL Backpack a trendy look.


This is where the TXL617 shines. It provides dedicated large compartments for file storage apart from the standard laptop casing unit. This makes it ideal for those who carry lots of documentation along with their machines. And it doesn’t end there. 5 different compartments open up one after the other to provide unprecedented space for just about anything you can imagine carrying with you. Accessories and files would be pampered in this space and smart usage of mesh and stylish zippers only adds to the charm.

Laptop Protection

The laptop compartment incorporated in this model allows you to snuggle in anything within the 17-inch range nicely into its foam padding. The padding absorbs shock from other items in the bag and provides an all-around highly reliable protection for your important devices.

Hidden Treasures

The TXL617 is obviously in tune with today’s generation and our modern requirements. The multimedia section is proof of that. With a dedicated sleeve for an audio player and a porthole line-out for headphones, this is one bag you can just strap on and forget about annoying wires and uncomfortable adjustments. Everyone worries about their delicate belongings. This has also been addressed via a side pocket lined with protective material that secures your sunglasses.


The Targus XL Backpack is a bag that caters to almost all your needs. It provides large storage space, separate and highly useful dedicated sections for files and other accessories which are as big as the main laptop housing so that you don’t have to make annoying choices of what to carry and what to leave. The Targus TXL617 lets you pack in everything. What makes it edge past others is the fact that along with all these awesome features it also packs in some nice touches that make you smile – a bottle holder, side pockets for protecting sunglasses, and a media link makes this bag one of our favorites go-to travel buddies.

2. SWISSGEAR 1900 ScanSmart Laptop Backpack

SWISSGEAR 1900 ScanSmart Laptop BackpackBest Laptop Bags for Business Travel 2024Have lots of things to pack but hate carrying multiple bags? Want a secure space for your laptop without drawing too much attention? the SWISSGEAR 1900 ScanSmart Laptop Backpack gives you all that and more! This convertible bag redefines storage space, marries design elements with practicality and provides an ease of use that is hard to find elsewhere. This lightweight, the multi-purpose bag is your perfect companion on the move!


Depending on what kind of requirement you might have, this lightweight wonder has all the solutions up its sleeve! Notice the design elements and functional pieces on the outside. Three grab handles at strategic locations reduce embarrassing situations at airports where you can conveniently lift and move this bag around. A handle on the side helps in carrying it like a briefcase instead of lugging it on your shoulders.


Handy pockets, one in the front for putting in easily accessible items like boarding passes and another forehead pocket for quick access make travel hassle-free and efficient. The main compartment of the bag is lined with a double zipper. A nifty new feature is a collapsible shelf provided here which helps in sorting and compartmentalizing items you have packed and of course it helps when all your neatly packed things remain intact when you open your bag! Oh and if you were fiddling around with your phone and other knick-knacks while traveling, the SWISSGEAR 1900 ScanSmart gives you a briefcase like U shaped zipper right in the front to tuck away all that you need but don’t want to hold.

Laptop Accommodation

The laptop section is placed below the main compartment allowing body support to one side of your delicate machine. The fully adjustable and detachable straps allow you to fix the bag at the most comfortable position if you carry it like a backpack or get pushed into a neat little slot when you convert it into a suitcase. And if you are one to show off a big laptop, you don’t need to worry – the SWISSGEAR 1900 ScanSmart can take in anything up to 17 inches.


The design of the bag is such that no space is wasted if it’s not being used. The inner linings can shift according to requirements with minimal wastage of space. Attention to detail is evident from the fact that even keys get unique string storage in the bag. A tuck-away ID pocket and a foldable water bottle pocket add great value to this already heavy-duty bag.


Where does one find a large, lightweight, and ultra-durable bag that caters to almost all needs a traveler might have? The SWISSGEAR 1900 is the answer. What makes it better is the jaw-dropping lifetime warranty including exchange or return. Now that’s an offer that’s hard to refuse. So get up and get out with your new SWISSGEAR 1900 ScanSmart now!

3. SOLO CLA901-4 Rolling Laptop Bag

SOLO CLA901-4 Rolling Laptop BagBest Laptop Bags for Business Travel 2024For starters, it is made with lightweight traveling in mind and caters to those who dislike having to carry bulky rolling bags that are both heavy, and unappealing. Most importantly, it easily fits under your seat during the flight. It supports laptops up to 16” in size while keeping them safe from harm using protective padding, and contains room for important files, as well as a surprisingly large room for carrying items of clothing. As for more personal accessories, you’ll find dedicated external pockets for sunglasses, mp3 player, and flight tickets.

The quality of the rolling handle is sturdy and does not get stuck which is an annoyingly common occurrence with many of the push type strolling handles.

The other choice for traveling abroad directly focuses on the frustrating process of going through the security check as laptop owners, which is likely to include removing your laptop and making a mess, while also holding up the line. These models are known as TSA friendly laptop bags, which are different in several unique ways in order to comply with TSA regulations, including a dedicated laptop section containing no pockets, no metal zippers and things of that nature, and most importantly, can lay flat for the X-ray process.

4. Brenthaven ProStyle Slim Pack for 15-Inch Laptop

Brenthaven ProStyle Slim Pack for 15-Inch LaptopBest Laptop Bags for Business Travel 2024The Brenthaven ProStyle Slim Pack is one of the most popular laptop bags today, providing a highly sophisticated answer to the needs of the modern road warrior, protecting your belongings from all possible drops and bangs using an HDF system, all in a remarkably lightweight and one of the thinnest designs available today. Despite this, you will find room for all your important accessories in its organizational panel and even a waterproof external shell for your laptop.

Exploring the Brenthaven ProStyle Slim Pack

We begin by exploring the exterior of the bag. An extremely durable Ballistic Nylon is the base material for the bag, this along with the entire hardware used in this model were specifically tested and proven to be able to support up to 250 lbs of pressure. This is even more impressive considering the lightweight and thin construction of this bag.

Water-Resistant Laptop Protection

On the bag, you will find a side entry dedicated to supporting laptops up to 15” in size. This allows taking your laptop out without needing to open the main flap. Another great addition is the water-resistant external shell which includes a stowable rainfly for protection against the various elements. Even more impressive is the High-Density Foam Protection which translates to a thick 1” layer of foam. Not only does it provide complete protection, but also suspends the laptop above the bottom.

Tablet/Additional Storage Section

The main flap reveals a sophisticated and subtle sleeved line section for your IPAD or other storage is conveniently tucked in and stays protected enclosed with its own velcro buckle.

Right next to the IPAD sleeve, you will find a surprisingly spacious section available for adding files, or even a large book if needed.

Organizational Pockets

A quick-access zippered organizational compartment which also doesn’t require opening the flap cover reveals dedicated space for pens and pencils, mobile device, cards, and others, while a front stash pocket at the front of the bag is ideal for storing items like power chargers, adapters, mice, and anything else that comes to mind.


Comfort levels are immediately upgraded thanks to the lightweight construction of this model, weighing less than 1 pound!

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The high-density foam padding is quite pleasant as your back is pressed against it, and while the shoulder straps have rich, thick padding, they sometimes move. This is somewhat fixed when combining the chest strap which helps distribute the weight properly and maintain a healthier position.

Brenthaven ProStyle Slim Pack

Verdict: The Brenthaven ProStyle Slim Pack is without a doubt an incredibly compact laptop bag, especially considering its lightweight and thin construction. This of course comes with a slight price of not being able to carry as many books as its larger competitors. However, if you can pack light, or if you’re an active traveler/biker, this will be one of the best purchases you’ve made. Of course, Brenthaven’s Lifetime Warranty doesn’t hurt either, so what are you waiting for?

5. Belkin Core Laptop Backpack (15.6 Inch Laptops)

Belkin Core Laptop Backpack (15.6 Inch Laptops)Best Laptop Bags for Business Travel 2024The Belkin Core Laptop Backpack is a lightweight, minimalistic, and stylish laptop backpack for laptops up to 15.6 inches, containing a surprising amount of space that does not reflect on its appearance.

An Inside View Of The Belkin Core Laptop Backpack :

The minimalistic approach Belkin took makes a huge difference in its appearance, compared to the bulky looking design of its competitors. The main laptop compartment is extra padded for both ultimate comfort and protection, and the second main compartment is surprisingly spacious, providing enough room for a book or two, as well as a few pockets for your items. An extra concealed pocket on the outside provides room for keys, cash, or any other important items.

Belkin Core Laptop Bag Inside


The intelligent placement of the main laptop compartment concentrates the weight of the laptop directly on the back which removes much of the back strain that other bags unfortunately cause. The shoulder straps are also padded, providing a much-desired relief from the usual strain the shoulders carry. While its minimalistic approach makes it a great choice for a traveling backpack, but the limits of its size should be taken into consideration.